Mapping the Movement

“In my travels in the North I was increasingly becoming disillusioned with the power structures there. I encountered the tragic and stubborn fact that in virtually no major city was there a mayor possessing statesmanship, understanding, or even strong compassion on the civil rights question. Many of them sat on platforms with all the imposing regalia of office to welcome me to their cities, and showered praise on the heroism of Southern Negroes. Yet when the issues were joined concerning local conditions only the language was polite; the rejection was firm and unequivocal.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. writing on race relations in the North, one month after the Watts Riot in Los Angeles, Saturday Review, 1965

Milton Galamison with Picketers at School
Milton Galamison (left) with Picketers in New York, Feb. 3, 1964, Image ©Bettmann/Corbis

A historical map of the New York City area. This map is used to plot out demonstrations, protests, historical locations that aspired between the years 1940 – 1980.


New York City Civil Rights Movement Syllabus 

  • Radical Imagination, Radical Humanity: Puerto Rican Political Activism in New York by Rose Muzio (2017)
  • Fighting Jim Crow in the County of Kings: The Congress of Racial Equality in Brooklyn by Brian Purnell (2015)
  • Building a Latino Civil Rights Movement: Puerto Ricans, African Americans, and the Pursuit of Racial Justice in New York City by Sonia Song-Ha Lee (2014)
  • Upsetting the Apple Cart: Black-Latino Coalitions in New York City from Protest to Public Office by Frederick Douglass Opie (2014)
  • Reds at the Blackboard: Communism, Civil Rights, and the New York City Teachers Union by Clarence Taylor (2013)
  • The Black Revolution on Campus by Martha Biondi (2012)
  • Civil Rights in New York City: From World War 2 to the Giuliani Era edited by Clarence Taylor (2011)
  • Sweet Land of Liberty: The Forgotten Struggle for Civil Rights in the North by Thomas J. Sugure (2008)
  • To Stand and Fight: The Struggle for Civil Rights in Postwar New York City by Martha Biondi (2003)
  • Freedom North: Black Freedom Struggles Outside the South 1940-1980 edited by Jeanne F. Theoharis and Komozi Woodard( 2003)
  • Knocking at Our Own Door: Milton A. Galamison and the Struggle to Integrate New York City Schools by Clarence Taylor (1997)

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