Just calling to say, I love you.

“Just Calling to say, I love you” – 2015

This film was created in 2015 in response to the hyper-visible murders of people of color through state stationed violence. “Just Calling to say, I love you” takes the traditional  weekly phone call between parents and kin to remind viewers of the anxiety that loved ones can have when gaining independence from hones home. Often used to remind a loved one of emotional and physical reassurance, this video positions the daily call as a mechanism of perfection taken when people of color have developed the fear that they are at risk of having their body taken. The calls range from multiple family members giving things as menial as a text message reminder to the explicit call to make sure “you’re not shot by the police”. On a larger scale this video is intended to highlight the conversations that parents of color have with their children and the psychological frustrations that children may be facing – the binary goes both ways.


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