For 2018, I’d like to return to my first love: image making. I’m hoping to place my photography in conversation with my scholarship on mental health, sexuality, race, and geography. I’ve been out of the loop on what’s popular or interesting in the photography industry and have taken inspiration from Teju Cole’s “Best Photo Books of 2017” to sit in the stacks at Morris Library and create my own list of books to draw on from as I capture the months to come.

IMG_1780… all the days and nights by Doug DuBois (2009)

IMG_1781Eli Reed: A Long Walk Home (2015)

IMG_1778Ezra Stoller: Photographer (2012)

IMG_1789Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places – The Complete Works, by Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen and Lynne Tillman (2004)

IMG_1783On Photography by Susan Sontag (2001)

img_1779.jpgMaynard L. Parker: Modern Photography and the American Dream Edited by Jennifer A. Watts (2012)

IMG_1782Sunset Park: Photography by Thomas Roma (1998)

IMG_1787Avant-Garde Photography in Germany 1919-1939

IMG_1788Exposed: Voyerism, Surveillance, and the camera since 1870 Edited by Sandra S. Phillips with essays by Simon Baker Philip Brookman, Marta Gili, Carol Squiers and Richard B. Woodward. (2010)

IMG_1786Gordon Parks Centennial: his legacy at Wichita State University by Patricia McDonnell, Ted. D Ayres and John S. Wright (2012)
IMG_1776Stephen Shore: Selected Works 1973-1981 (2017)

IMG_1777Way Far by Ryan McGinley (2015)

IMG_1784How to Read a Photograph: Lessons from Master Photographers by Ian Jeffrey (2009)

IMG_1785Bill Brandt: Selected Texts and Bibliography Edited by Nigel Warburton (1993)

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