Susan Cheng takes on Depression

At a time when people of color are being pushed to the edge by the maelstrom of intersectional obstacles in everyday life, my favorite editor Susan Cheng stresses the importance of prioritizing your mental health.


“Depression is so subtle that if you’re not paying attention, you don’t notice it’s there. It’s an evil that creeps quietly and constantly in waves, washing over you again and again, and you do what you can do stay afloat, until it eventually builds into a tsunami. It feels like falling apart from the inside out, like watching everything you worked hard for collapse, even if in reality nothing at all has changed. It’s like being in a stuffy room when all the walls suddenly start caving in on you. Sometimes you fight back, but most days you just sit there in quiet resignation, trying your best to breathe. And because the illness is a part of you, engrained so deeply in your being, you start to believe that this is just how everyone must feel.”

Read the rest here.

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