I fell asleep in my philosophy class last semester, because I felt myself drifting off I started to record the notes using my laptops built in web camera. Later on I came across the footage and cross cut it with images and sounds that would now hold more value than what I was supposed to be learning in the lecture. These are completely random images hand picked by me. There is zero acting, this is just how I feel towards these people, all clips are based off personal relationships I have with each person.

Feel free to watch it as many times as you want, the more people watch it, the more they relate to it. Some find it easier to relate to the supporting characters than they do myself and vise verse.

Overall, I keep it clean with no faces. To keep the imagination flowing, leaving out each face except my own to let each girl have the mystery behind their actions. And it allows me to let you understand who is the true protagonist is.

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