“This film is dedicated to the Hudson Valley, because I can think of no better stomping ground to call my own, and to my friends, because they illuminate my life with the best kind of love.” –Vianca Lugo

Vianca gave me a ring several months ago, during the duration of the call we talked about countless things, life, food, sex, family etc. One of the most important things we talked about where are final films, they would need to be completed in a number of weeks for the fall semester. She had given me a detailed explanation of what was to come and how she was going to do it. I hung up the phone excited and pleased, collaboration creates a spark to my motivation like no other. At the beginning of December we (all of those in this video) met up in are home county of Ulster to take care of business. It turned into a two or three-day shoot, light was always compromising the length of our shoots and things have to be perfect when working for Ms.Lugo(never a bad thing). So after multiple takes, several roles of film, a few broken tv’s, 1 charred apple, 2 jars of glitter, numb finger tips and a few thrashed skateboards we now have Vianca’s final film.

For me this film demonstrates the friendship we have as a group, the love are hometown, the angst we hold in are souls and the fact that are dreams are alive and kicking. We are all motivated 20 something’s doing the best we can. We learn from are mistakes and push all the limits. We’re not looking for handouts or IOU’s. We’re real people who have grown up in a small town, pushing and striving for more and I believe it says that.

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