Two nights ago, I was headed down town on the D train from Harlem to Brooklyn. The night was rather warm for it nearing the end of October and early November. The subways were speckled with folks making their way home from there long workday. I popped in my headphones and started daydreaming; I was listening to my local love playlist. A collection of DIY (Do It Yourself) musicians whose music I’ve collected over the past three years, one of these bands being Dumb Talk. I was listening to older, rougher recordings but nonetheless, it was soothing my over activate imagination. As I got home, I remembered a promise that I made to myself. I wanted to make a minimum of three music videos before 2012 was over. I hadn’t made any yet. So I immediately got started, I cruised through the Dumb Talk Bandcamp and bought the single “Stay”, I started visioning a lot of things, but they weren’t in tune for what I was feeling with the song. Finally, I settled on a batch of footage, half a dozen videos that I had gotten earlier that night. I started ripping through the footage and for the next two days I pushed and pulled until I was happy with a product. I let it sit for a day and went back to it, did some re editing and became even more satisfied. It’s what I will call my first music video, even though I didn’t do the filming, I’ve incorporated my own style, ideals and colors to make it my own piece. So without any further obstructions, I present to you Dumb Talk’s Video “Stay”.

Off the “Dumb Talk” Album available now on bandcamp

Directed by Ethan Barnett, Thanks to Coronet Instructional Films

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