Yonkers is Bonkers!

      So I’ve been living in Yonkers, NY for just under two months now, It’s been an exciting experience thus far. I usually skate to all my destinations in the city, most of them being within a few blocks and have fallen into a comfortable schedule.

            During the week I’ll wake up around 9am, make some breakfast and then skate down to the train, Hop on the metro before 10am and cruise around the city. Around 11am I start my day over at 2d3d design, assisting Rosanne. Lately we’ve been working on projects with jazz legend Frank Wess and the well established lamp designer Stacy Harshman at Andarina Designs. I leave the 2d3d around rush hour and head home.

Around Wednesday that routine takes a change, I work from home on as a video editor, my most recent client is  Integrow Marketing the relationship is going well and I’m excited to complete more projects for them.

The weekends are spent skateboarding throughout the city, documenting everything that catches my eye, usually after I’ve exhausted my body I’ll head into Brooklyn to couch at the lady den. Gotta love those ladies!

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall months!


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