Likwid Skate shop + Woodstock Skate Contest

Skated an outdoor park in Woodstock, Ny today. Got there around 2pm for a contest/demo with Likwid Skate Shop, only to be sent running to the car around 4pm when Irene showed up.

Later in the evening Caleb and I took a drive down to skatetime209 and collected some clips, footage will be up in a few weeks…

~~ no rush

Published by Ethan Scott Barnett

Ethan Scott Barnett is a Ph.D. student in the History department at the University of Delaware. Barnett graduated CUNY Brooklyn College in 2017, where he was a CUNY Pipeline Fellow and student in the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies program with concentrations in Human Rights and Social Justice. His research focuses on 20th century African-American history, he’s interested in mapping the numerous demonstrations, protests, and actions in New York City between 1948-1978. Barnett also has a strong interest in public scholarship, experimental films, and the Digital Humanities.

3 thoughts on “Likwid Skate shop + Woodstock Skate Contest

  1. wow dude, this is pretty crazy. I’m 99.9% sure I skated this park over a decade ago back when the ramps were made by some kids and were pretty much falling apart. It looks a lot different in these pics but that little house right next to it thats some community center looks familiar, plus how many skate parks could be in woodstock?

    also likwid skate shop is where I bought my first deck by myself. I was 11 and it was a Tyrone olson Evol deck, it even inspirited the art for my deck. I would never have remembered the name of that shop if it wasn’t for this post, so thanks for that man.

    1. Wow, man that’s pretty sick. Glad to hear that they’ve always been keeping up the memories! I actually just moved to Yonkers and checked out the Outdoor Park , saw a bunch of Thrive stickers. It’s looking great man. If you ever need some filming done, I’m super interested in filming skating and lifestyle edits

      Also there’s a Likwid Demo on October 1st in Poughkeepsie,Ny at the local skatepark!

      1. thanks dude, trying to make this whole deck company thing work. I checked out your filming page and like your style. If I need extra filmers, which is probably gonna be the case, then i’ll let ya know. adding you on FB.

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